Episode # 102

Taking The First Step (with Matt Gerberick)

October 7, 2021

About This Episode

Taking the first step in using technology in the classroom as a learning tool can be challenging. But EdTech doesn’t have to be scary! In this episode, Matt Gerberick, the newest addition to SOITA, joins us to talk about starting small, taking a chance, and trying something new.


Matt Gerberick

Matt Gerberick has 25 years of educational experience as a middle school teacher, principal, instructional designer, and is currently an Educational Consultant with SOITA. His passion is working with educators to provide learning experiences for students that incorporate best pedagogical practices and appropriate digital tools, along with empathy and compassion for each other. He and his wife live in Centerville with their son, a fourth-grader. They enjoy outdoor activities in our area parks and time with family and friends.