For the Love of EdTech is a podcast by educators for educators. The podcast explores how educational technology can be used to improve students’ learning experience and easy ways educators can implement EdTech in their classrooms. Hosted by Kara Hutchinson and Caryn Kelley, For The Love of EdTech will introduce educators to the wide and developing world of educational technology through expert advice, guest interviews, additional resources and much more! The podcast premieres September 23 and new episodes will drop every other Thursday.

Meet the Hosts

Kara Hutchinson

Kara Hutchinson

Kara is an elementary teacher who found her way into educational technology via an unconventional route. After teaching in the regular classroom she took a position in an elementary library. She was determined to transform the library’s reputation and create a space that was student centered. She created a Makerspace in the library and found herself coding & building with students while encouraging creativity & helping students overcome obstacles they encountered along the way. This experience led her to her current position as an educational consultant at CET/SOITA, two of Ohio’s state EdTech agencies.

When not sharing ideas with other educators Kara enjoys spending time with family and friends, baking yummy treats, and traveling to the next destination.

Caryn Kelley

Caryn Kelley

Caryn is a former middle school teacher who found her love of tech in what some might consider an unlikely place – the library. After teaching middle school reading and language arts for a number of years, Caryn went on to obtain her masters in Library Media and took a job as a Library Media Specialist at a K-8 charter school Dayton. In the library, she saw how motivated students were to use technology and started to look for ways that she could integrate more technology into library lessons as well as help teachers integrate new tools and resources into their classrooms. This led Caryn to her current position as an Educational Consultant at SOITA where she has spent the last decade helping teachers with everything from setting up their first Google Classroom to writing lines of code for their micro:bit – and everything in between!

When Caryn isn’t working for educators and hunting for the best EdTech gadgets she enjoys going on adventures with her husband and two little boys.

Podcast Credits

Hosts: Kara Hutchinson and Caryn Kelley

Producer and Sound Engineer: Kristen Teter

Editors and Content Specialists: Kara Hutchinson, Caryn Kelley, Deb Tschirhart, Kellie May and Kim Carter

Music Attribution: Will Tschirhart