Episode # 16

Making Math Fun Using Roblox with Jon Goga

May 5, 2022

About This Episode

This is the final episode of the first season of our For the Love of EdTech podcast! Listen in as hosts Kara and Caryn sit down with Jon Goga from Brainy Spinach to discuss how Roblox can be used as an educational tool in the classroom and how technology can make sometimes “hated” subjects fun.


Jon Goga

Jon is an England-based Math tutor with a particular passion for using games to create a fun, pupil-led learning environment in which children can reach their educational goals without ever getting bored along the way. Having exhausted other game sites, he decided to embark on making his own, which led to the creation of the Roblox Math Camp – where children use tutor-created Roblox Multiplication games to practice what they’ve been taught and improve their Times Tables!