Episode # 13

The Benefit of Peer Review with David Kofoed Wind

March 24, 2022

About This Episode

David Kofoed Wind, CEO of Peergrade and Eduflow, joins us to discuss how the peer-reviewing process can be beneficial for students and educators!


David Kofoed Wind

David Kofoed Wind is the co-founder and CEO of Peergrade, a service for providing peer evaluations and peer feedback, and is the CEO of Eduflow. He did his Ph.D. at The Technical University of Denmark with a focus on machine learning, data science, and educational technology. He has previously worked as a software developer for cBrain, Edlund A/S and at CERN.

He also has been working with data analysis for Radio24syv and as an external consultant for Mærsk Line doing predictive modeling on large data sets. Before starting his Ph.D., he co-authored 6 scientific publications on abstract math, algorithms, network analysis, and statistics. He also competed in a series of competitions on entrepreneurship and innovation, winning first place in the Venture Cup Idea Competition in 2011, a final position in the Danish Global Management Challenge and received a price for a project branding electrical cars using mobile applications.