Episode # 11

How Esports Can Motivate and Engage Students with Adam Samuels and Students

February 24, 2022

About This Episode

Adam Samuels joins us with his students, Sage and Bennett, to discuss how esports can engage and motivate students inside and out of the classroom.


Adam Samuels

Adam Samuels is the Technology Teaching and Learning Support Specialist for Forest Hills School District in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is currently in his 9th year of education and previously served as a 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and Media Specialist (K-6) instructor. His mission is to help students and teachers engage in deeper learning experiences through technology integration and thoughtful instructional design. Adam is also passionate about creating programs that provide new opportunities for students with notable achievements being an esports program with over 40 students, a Science and Innovation Expo which modernized a traditional science fair and impacts roughly 450 students a year, and the development of a student-run business for elementary students. Adam aspires to be a technology director, continuing to support students and teachers with their ability to lead and leverage technology and learning in ways that are engaging, meaningful, and impactful.